Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Mails Go Viral?

Mails Go Viral is an advertising venue whereby you view other members sites in exchange for them viewing yours. Viewing sites gives you advertising credits so you may submit an email advert to the Mails Go Viral Database. 

Does it Cost To Join?

Mails Go Viral is free to join and remain free for the duration of your membership.  

How Many Emails Will I Get?

The number of emails you as a member receive will depend on how many members send out an advert or any given day.  You will receive a lot of email generally speaking.  The emails you receive are the adverts from other members that you need to view in order to gain viewing credits so you may send out your promotions.  

How Do I Advertise My Sites and How Do I View/Surf?

When you open your emails from Mails Go Viral there will be a claim link to click after you have read the email advert.  You will then be taken to the members advertised site to view their offer.  We utilize a surf bar that has a timer, which counts down and once reaching zero, a set of icons will appear.  You must choose the matching icon in order to receive your viewing points. Those viewing points can then be assigned to your email advert to send to members of our database.

How Do I Send Out an email Advertisment?

The menu bar has a button labeled "Mailer", click it and a drop down menu will appear.  Click Send mailing and from there you will place your ad and send to Mails Go Viral database as long as you have enough viewing points to submit the advert.  

You will also be able to use the templates menu button in the drop down box to view adverts you have previously sent out to resubmit again, should you choose to do so. 

I  Forgot My Password?

You can request your password from the login page by clicking "forgot my password.  Admin can not send you your password as all passwords are encrypted and we have no way of knowing what your password was.  

Tip:  Keep a list of all logins and passwords either on your computer such as note/word pad/xcel or old school pen and notebook.  Make sure to use different passwords at each site you are a member of.

I Didn't Get the Verification Email to Confirm my Account.

Click the resend verification email. (found on the login page) This will resend the email confirmation link to you.

It is recommended that you use a gmail account so that you receive all email adverts and admin communication emails.

Do You Guarentee Results?

No.  We do not guarentee results as it is impossible to do so.  Advertising Results are based on Ad Copy and products/services being promoted. 

What if I Need Help Not Answered Here?

Contact Admin via our support link or send an email to  Attention Admin in the Subject Line.

Can I Earn Money With Your Site?

We are a website advertising service and are not a money making program.  Money can be made through your own advertising promotions should others decide to purchase or join your affiliate sites that you are promoting via email adverts here at Mails Go Viral.

How Do I Cancel My Account?

Login to Mails Go Viral, go to the profile tab and scroll to the bottom and click delete.  Once you click delete this action is permenant and can not be undone.  However, you may rejoin Mails Go Viral should you wish to do so.

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